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Adam & Eve’s secrets .(part 1)

Posted on: July 14, 2007

curry-maggi-meeEating my  Maggi curry mee this morning trying to get my inspiration to write God’s hiStory – our story. Maybe, Ah Yat’s sharkfin soup in Genting Highland will speed  my clumsy brain to be more creative. Hope “ajinomoto” (MSG) in the soup, as a replacement, will stimulate my brain waves. By the way, drank all the soup…..hungry lah !!!

God’s hiStory in the bible claimed the best stories ever told by the christians. I do not insist or claim which religion is more superior than the others. Why not we go on the moderate line to discover and understand each individual beliefs. Please don’t fight. I want peace here … I mean my blog. The world out there has gone “One Flew over the Cuckoo Nest“. Pity Jack Nicholson….. he was cuckoo at the end. I believed that all religions teach good morals and the truth of  life. It is some religious leaders that twisted the facts to gain their own glory. Right???

Writing on this subject is tough, controversial and sticky with emotions. What I am trying to do is to lay it out plain and simple with a little comical tone to link to our present day. Will history repeat itself ?


Genting – City of Entertainments.

Did God create a “Build & Stay” concept in the beginning of time like Garden of Eden? Equivalent to our present day  “Build & Sell” concept by our local housing developers. What’s the progress of “Build & Sell” idea doing in Parliment. Collecting dust, I guess. Can Mr Ong update us, please? Let’s go back to Genesis.

I used the Bible because I read it a couple of times. Make it easy for me to relate to the various topics I touched on. If others from different religious background wish to comment, impart their views or share your thoughts – you are most welcomed. “All4one4all” represent all people of all colors and to one creator – God. Agree or not?


Let’s start. God’s history begin with its 6 days of creation and rested on the 7th day. On the 6th day, God created Adam. Hey, God was a fast developer, not 18 months S & P contracts. Adam inherited his new home, The Garden of Eden with Eden Restaurant for entertaining Eve with God’s blessing. How wonderful – no 10% downpayment, no home finance from HSBC, the world’s local bank and ready made to move in with Ikea. In M’sia, abandoned projects are common especially after a major crisis. Who bear the grunt?  The house owners still paying instalments to their banks. Whose faults – developers, banks, the goverment or the people? Definitely, not the faults of the house owners waiting for their dream home. The developers and the banks get bail out from the government – why not the house owners? Who voted the government – we, the common folks. Then, is there a glaring mistake here? I think it’s fair the “Build & Sell” concept should be implemented ASAP. Then Dana Harta won’t exist again. Don’t you agree?


Just a matter of curiousity – did Adam and Eve had belly button like us? God created him out of the dust and in God’s image. Logically, no belly button on his stomach? Adam had no mother – who breast feed him?  Michael Chong ……please locate Adam’s mother. Classified – “MIA” – missing in action.

Then God took Adam and put him in the Garden of Eden  to tend and keep it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, ” Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die ( OSA, ISA and death penalty existed ). Did God find it difficult to deal with 2 fellows? How about now….. 6 billions? Get me the herbal cure for headache … if can’t find, get panadol fast. Wei, Lucifer….. where are you?


Question: Did God intend not to impart knowledge to Adam and why? What was the reason and why God warned Adam?. This warning was conveyed to Adam but did he warned Eve after she was created in Adam’s deep sleep with his rib? Cloning already existed  then? Any possiblity …….. with God?

And Adam said:

” This is now bone of my bones. And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called a Woman. Because she was taken out of Man”. What language Adam speak ? English,Chinese or Tamil ? Adam appeared in Discovery Channel or National Geographic . When and which date? How to check…..records all destroyed by Dinasours and Noak’s Flood.


Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and shall become one flesh. Good suggestions by God. No need to deal with mother-in-laws. And they were both naked, Adam and Eve, were not ashamed. Got nudist camp here …… where??? Ask Matta Fair lah.

eve-plucking-apple-orWhere got secret coverup? Can see banana and rambutan on Adam and papaya with milk and honey on Eve. Happy go lucky – that is freedom  man ….. chasing Eve around the garden…you know what lah!!! Bookmark your next exciting destination …… “Tour the Garden of Eden“. Wow…… I write so long. Need a break ……. mamak …… teh tarik kurang kurang manis. Must emphasised when ordering your drink. No wonder Robert Kuok made his fortunes in sugar and we inherited diabetes

…….. Part 2 – The Temptation and the Fall of Man.  

1 Response to "Adam & Eve’s secrets .(part 1)"

Ya, I think Adam and Eve don’t have belly button.
So as the first cow, horse, cat…..created by God huh? They got name?

When is part 2 coming up? My neck is getting long, quick lah Shrek!

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