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UK: Diana predicted fall of British monarchy.

Posted on: December 27, 2008

Written by Kazi Mahmood

lady-dianaIn the part two of our story on Lady Diana (part one was about Prince Harry and Islam and the impact of her death on the British Monarch, we reveal how Diana wanted her sons to know about Islam. The present article tells the story of how Diana was followed by a ‘Genie” as in Jinn in Islam and how the Jinn escaped after Diana’s accident in Paris to tell the true story of her death. This story is told by an oracle we call the ‘interpreter’ because he is the one who interpreted the vision of the Jinn and spoke to World Futures.

Diana, princess of Wales and mother of two boys, was killed in an accident in Paris in August 1997. In London, an inquest on her death is currently revealing some details that rigged her life in the British palace and her concerns for her marriage with Charles. Some letters that came into light was the one’s written by Diana to her father in law, Prince Philippe.

The incredible fact is that the letters tell of great relationships between Diana and her father in law. The problem is why these letters were made public when there are no accusations against Prince Philippe? The palace felt the need to publicize the relationship only after pressure felt on the Royal family about a possible fall out of Diana with her in-laws before her divorce with Charles. Yet it is after the divorce that the Palace became ‘cold’ towards Diana and her relationship with Dodi Fayed (a Muslim) was the ultimate reason for the palace to have felt targeted by Diana.

Most of the witnesses at the inquest are either telling the story the palace wants them to tell or they are just sinking the case the Al Fayed family is putting up. Either way, it does not do justice to the princess.

We have a different story with people who will not be able to present their views at the inquest in London. It is the story of an oracle, an interpreter of dreams who was visited by Diana’s pet genie after the accident in the tunnel.

“After the great mourning of her death, the public will slowly forget what caused her death and why did she have to die so young,” said the interpreter to WFOL during a session in which the visit of the genie in question was explained.

The interpreter was told a different story of the death of Diana, who plotted it and why and the genie predicted the events of the past ten years since Diana’s death, events which took place as witnessed by WFOL from 1997 onwards.

“Now one will really bother about her death for some time, not until some evidence surfaces. The belief will be that she was simply killed in an accident and that nothing else happened, but this is not the whole truth,” said the interpreter.

He insisted that Diana, like many of the people in the lime light, was carrying a ‘Jinn’ and that the Jinn revealed much of the life of Diana to the interpreter. “There are details that will be revealed naturally, with events and other details will come out when Diana’s sons starts to question the Royal family,”

During the session, the interpreter said Diana was murdered, which follows the claims made by the father of Dodi Fayed, Al Fayed. The current inquest on the death of Diana is ordered after the persistent claims by Al Fayed that the Royal family and the authorities are lying about the death of Diana.

For the British Royals and the authorities, the inquest is to rest their case that Diana died in an accident caused by drunk driving. There is to be no conspiracy theories and no deposition by the members of the Royal families, not even that of her two sons or ex Husband, Charles.

“The aim of the inquiry on her death, ten years later, will be to ensure that the Al Fayed family shut their mouth on their claims but this will not settle the hearts of the people and of the two young sons of Diana,” said the interpreter in September 1997.

World Futures has to explain a few things here before the readers go on with the story. First of all, the ‘interpreter’ claims he was visited by the jinn after Diana’s accident. At her death, which occurred hours after she was moved to a Hospital in Paris, the jinn traveled and visited the interpreter and told a telling tale that has so far been proved to be true.

The other thing the readers have to understand is that the death of Diana has impacted the British Royals and will be the cause of the downfall of the British monarchy. However, this will depend on the two sons, or one of the two sons of Diana. “Lady Diana predicted the fall of the monarchs in her death bed and this information will never be released to the public by the British authorities,” added the interpreter.

The refusal to send Harry, the youngest son of Diana to Iraq is an attempt by the British authorities not to allow the sons of Diana to have encounters of the third kind with Muslims. In the event of sending Harry to Afghanistan or Iraq in the middle of the ongoing insurgency, he could have been kidnapped by Muslim elements. This would have allowed him to get closer to the Muslims and to understand their ways and the reasons why they are fighting the U.S. led armies.

“In her death bed, Diana said one of her sons will get closer to Islam. She added that this will cause a major stir in the British Kingdom. The blame will be on Diana if she was still alive and married to Dody Fayed. Now that she is dead, the authorities are doing all they can to prevent William and Harry from understanding Islam,” the interpreter said.

“The genie said Diana was particularly concerned for Harry who was very close to the mother. She was open minded and wanted the children to learn about Islam too since she was very close to Dodi at the time of her death,” he added.

Intimate letters between Diana, Princess of Wales, and her lover Dodi Fayed in which the Princess refers to herself as “this particular chick” were made public 10 years after their deaths. “Diana did say that only decades into her death will the truth be revealed and it will be an ugly truth,” WFOL was told.

The letters were released only after the instituting of the royal inquest in Diana’s death. The letters were read to the court by a representative of the Al Fayed. In the second letter, the relationship between Diana and Dodi was obvious:

The Princess’s second letter, dated August 13, referred to a pair of cufflinks that she enclosed as a gift. “Darling Dodi, these cufflinks were the very last gift that I received from a man I loved most in the world – my father . . . with fondest love, Diana.”

“Were they married, was she pregnant?” asked the interpreter to the jinn. The reply would come only days later, after the burial of Diana.

The Fayed is not telling the public whether Dodi and Diana were married according to the Islamic rites called Nikah. The Jinn said they were married according to the Muslim religion and Diana was pregnant.

‘I was in a daze and it was cold, so cold that I could not move my arms, they were like frozen but the jinn insisted that I wake up,” said the interpreter.

“The tall and grey looking thing was right in front of me when I woke up. I was still I a daze, my eyes blurred and I knew I was not really awake nor was I asleep at this moment. The jinn slapped my face to wake me up. It even threw a pot of flower down the staircase to make noise and get my attention,

“By now the room was brighter and the cold was all over the place. With my eyes half open, I saw the imposing figure of the jinn. It was scary but I tolerated the situation and listened to the story that the jinni was to tell,” said the interpreter.

“If they were not married they would not be killed. Diana was warned that it would happen but she went on with it. It was her choice,” the jinni said to the interpreter, adding that Diana wanted the truth to be out.

“It will take a long time before the truth is revealed. This will be told by a witness and it will bring down the monarch,” said the jinni.

The jinni visited the interpreter for several hours every night until the night before the burial of Diana.

On that Friday night it was unusually cold with everybody deep in their sleep. The jinni came to visit the interpreter. It was in a hurry and was happy that things were settled for now and that Diana would be buried earlier than the next Monday, something the jinni opposed.

It told me that Diana must be buried before the Monday next since the soul of the Princess wanted to cross over from the real world to the world of the dead souls. The jinni failed to appear on Thursday night but it came on Friday night and showed great satisfaction that Diana’s soul had already left,”

On that Friday night, the jinni sitting on the mattress by the side of the interpreter, revealed the most damning side of the death of Diana. It said there was a witness who lived in a hotel near the tunnel and who saw a car chasing the Mercedes that Paul Henry drove. Both cars were in full speed when they engaged the fatal tunnel and a loud bang was heard.

The witness never told the story to the inquiring team from the French and British police, afraid for his life. This witness has disappeared since. A French paper however did mention the existence of a mysterious witness who lived in a hotel near the tunnel where Diana crashed.

It must be made clear that Diana did not die in the tunnel and that she was able to speak and she could recognize whoever was there after the accident. This too was not revealed to the public by the authorities.

While her love for Dodi was deep, her sympathy for the Muslims across the world from Bosnia to Pakistan and the slums of Africa were deeper. This brought her to understand Islam better and attracted her to the Fayed family altogether.

Though not a practicing Muslim family, the Fayed helped Diana in her quest for understanding the Muslims and their faith. She thought she could bring Dodi back to the folds of Islam and that this would help her engage Islam fully in the future, said the jinni.

It was during the same Friday night, the very last night of the travels by the jinni to and from London and the last visit to the interpreter before the burial of Diana. The jinni revealed who was behind the attack on the car Mercedes but did not say who will really reveal the details of the plot to eliminate Diana.

“The issue was one of religion nothing else. Diana a Muslim and mother of the direct heirs to the throne! This is devastating to the Royal family, to the Christian monarchy in Britain and to the stability of Europe as a whole,” the interpreter told WFOL.

The plotters against Diana used all the powers they had in Europe to eliminate the Princess. It was a question of religion and of politics, a question of survival for the royal family. The monarch of Britain fought the Muslims across the world, lead the crusade in Arabia and now the mother of the heirs to the throne of the Christian monarchy was a Muslim. “That was unconceivable and it had to end,” the interpreter said.

The Fayed family is fighting for the truth to come out not for the sake of Islam or for religious purposes. They are fighting for the sake of the Fayed’s and to exact revenge against the British monarchy and the British governments for not granting full citizenship to the Fayed father and family.

Diana had other things in mind. She did not want her children to be in line to the throne since she said to witnesses – including the Fayeds – that she did not want harm to happen to either William or Harry and that being heirs to the British throne was too dangerous for her children.

Since she was divorced to the future King of England, Charles of the House of the Windsors, she believed her sons had a chance to stay away from the throne.

“On her death bed she would have urged the people present – doctors and British secret police agents – to make sure that her two boys does not stay in line as heirs to the British throne,” added the interpreter.

“The jinn then said that within the next decades, soon, the truth about who commanded the elimination of Diana will lead to the collapse of the throne and the end of the monarchy in Britain. This will happen while Harry will become a Muslim,

“William will line up to become the next King of England after the death of Queen Elizabeth. William is being conditioned to believe that this would make her mother proud but her mother did not want him to be King as this may lead to attempts on his life,” said the jinni to the interpreter.

It will a time of desperation, a political defeat for the British Kingdom and the lives of the children of Diana will be in danger. After the overthrow of the monarch by the masses – angered by the revelation of who killed Diana – the two Princes’ will be left on their own. It is then that the world will know the truth about the faiths of the Princes’ of England and these will be terrible times for them.

“They will be saved by you and the ring that Dodi gave to Diana as gift will salvage their lives and provide them economic subsistence until they find better days,” the interpreter said.

He told WFOL that the entire story he revealed to us was told to him 10 years ago and that it was now time to tell another bit of the mysterious story.

He also insisted that one of the son’s of Diana knows the story too but is not allowed to express himself. “The boys are being treated very well so much so that they are being made to be less responsible and more dependent on the Royal family. Diana would not have wanted that. She wanted them to be men and to decide by themselves,” he said.



2 Responses to "UK: Diana predicted fall of British monarchy."

Man this is scary. But I wish it were true… I really do.

In the wake of Price William’s engagement announcement this week, there were articles explaining Charles could step aside for William, however, if he does not, William will be quite a bit older before he is in line to succeed his father. I think the jinni and interpreter thing is strange, because if Diana were legally married to Dodi, there would be a registry of it, and his father would have known about it, or how to trace the record. Autopsy revealed she was not pregnant at the time of her death.
She was definitely not well guarded or transported and that was Dody’s fault I think. I think the chink in the House of Windsor and the British monarchy as the bastion of Christian faith in Europe has been (divorces and adulteries); the revelation that William has already shacked up with his fiance–will be the corruption of the morality within the family and be its demise to Islam. The fiance of William is already becoming scandalized by the press; they should just disappear, and as Diana said she wanted for her sons — be independent of the House of Windsor.
Diana herself was said to have been into occult practices herself, so she was not upholder of the faith herself! No really good sources on this story — it’s too strange to believe. It was Charles’ adultery that destroyed Diana’s happiness…she wanted the marriage to work. The House of Windsor stinks.

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