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Ai Iijima – more details about her death.

Posted on: January 5, 2009

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Channel NewsAsia – Tuesday, January 6

ai-iijimaThe puzzle to Japanese ex-pornography actress Ai Iijima’s death remains unsolved, but her close friend tells the media that the former was running a high fever few days before her death. According to a medical staff, Iijima was suffering from kidney failure arising from the AIDS pills she was taking on long term basis. It is highly possible that complications from the kidney failure caused her death.

Iijima was found dead at home on Christmas Eve. According to reports, she had been dead for almost a week and her decomposed body was unable to reveal the cause of her death. Her family chose not to pursue the details of her death and buried her on Dec 26. Their action aroused public speculations.

Being an AIDS patient, Iijima had been spreading the importance of AIDS prevention via her blog after she quit the entertainment business.

The last time that Iijima showed up in public was for an AIDS prevention event on Jun 12. She gave out condoms on the street, encouraging youths to care for their health.

Iijima also reminded students to take contraceptive measures during sexual intercourse. She also encouraged everyone to do body checkups, and made a pact that she will return on stage in a year’s time; but that was also the last time she ever appeared on stage.


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