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Atheist life vs Religious life

Posted on: February 15, 2009

Atheist life vs Religious life by Fighting Atheist


Blog yOur Mind says:

“All want to go to Heaven, but nobody want to die and go to Hell”

“If all Religions have their own God, then God represent which Religion”

“If  all good people of different religions die, will they meet in the same Heaven and likewise, bad people in Hell?”

“Do every Religions have an exclusive rights to God or God is one and the same afterall?”

“If all Religions preach Love & Peace for humanity, then why all the wars and killings in the name of God. 

“The blood of the human race is RED. Are there any differences other than colors, cultures and languages. Which is more beautiful – Rainbow or white?”

“Why all religions cannot live peacefully in this wonderful world – Earth?”

“The Religions and Goverments have always applied “Divide and Rule”.  Would “Co-operate, Share and Respect” a better choice?

“Is God happy to see what the human race doing to themselves and others. Will God answer our prayers or God let its creation self-destruct by itself?”

Lastly, who shall we fear – God, mankind, aliens or weapons of mass destructions?


3 Responses to "Atheist life vs Religious life"

I suppose first let one defines the definition of a God or Gods without any yardstick of worldly dictionary. We have 6-7 billions of population today!

2ndly, humankind seem to know/understand more or better about God or Gods YET not knowing much about ownself or selfhoodness! We always use to ask who are you but we seem to be never ever ask what or who am I? Those who ask what/whom am I, do they sound pretty crazy or mad people indeed? Perhaps the silly answer is to look yourself in a mirror & you will see who/what you are! Mankind seem to conquer the earth, & being the MASTER on earth, yet, why do humankind have so much frictional conflicts/problems all over the world today?

Hi David,

Maybe the answer will unfold when we depart from this world.

The Answer of what? If you are talking about your true SELF, I disagree with you the answer will unfold when we depart from this world, my dear friend. What’s this world actually? For that alone, one doesn’t have to wait till the last breath.

As for the God, I like put it aside for the time being but we still believe if we are still pretty weak with fearness mentally. It is afterall an external phenomenon as far as I am concerned because it is out of my own system of mind-body as a compound!

Those who had gone through the path of self-realisation to certain levels perhaps would have seen & known or a thing or two about it but it is rare to comeby these days especially today very competitive rat racing pace of livng lives!

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