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“Truth Commission” and Barbarians at the Gates

Posted on: February 24, 2009

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We subscribed to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) of Vermont suggestion.

barbariansIf the laws of the countries have been drafted and passed by politicians, it should be applicable to all the citizens including the politicians. When they are not subjected to the law for any wrong doings, then the law is not democratic in the eyes of its citizen. In fairness, nobody is above the law.

As what previous PM of Malaysia (Mahathir Mohamed) initiated – support  “Criminalise War” but US put  in a softer approach “Truth Commission”.  Who were subjected to war crimes in court previously – some Third World  leaders who were not their companions in bed. When the Small Monkeys run amok not following the paths of the Big Brother Monkey, they suffered the wrath of  “Law of the Jungle”. Then, a beautiful name created for them -“Terrorist”.

What is the root cause for terrorism or why terrorism emerged in Middle East and around the world is taboo subject to discuss in the open? Government conspiracies and hidden agenda? Everyone have motives – whether good or bad only.

What US have done to other countries,  they called it “democracy, freedom and human rights ” at the expense of civilians. The world citizen also have the rights to say “Peace not War”. The civilians in war torned countries also asked, “what do you want from us and our countries’? What is your real agenda or motives? 

When they don’t respect United Nations, they dont’ respect the views of the world. Britian is the “Band of Brothers” to US to support the war. Did I leave out anyone? Then its charters and laws are as good as “Toothless Tigers”. 

What type of human rights they are propagating to the world constantly?   The American Indians 3,500 miles peaceful march to Washington D C for what,  the African Americans dreaming for “I Have A Dream”, the “Killing Field” in Vietnam because of Communism and now the Middle East war on weapon of mass destruction. What  say you, US?

Mahathir commented in London, “it’s Gutter politics in Malaysia”. Any difference to other countries? What a coincidence – Senator Patrick Leahy and Mahathir spoke in a place with tha same name “Cambridge” but in different locations  – USA and Britian.

Finally, are the voices of the people should be respected and honor?. The people who put the “X” on the ballot papers dream to have a better world – not Barbarians at the Gate.

Good leaders like Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Martin Lurther King, Gandhi, Malcolm X and Nelson Mendala are some rare breeds. What were their rewards – bullets  or/and vacations in jail.

They had left their footprints in the sand of time. Are these extraordinary leaderships going extinct in this world?


1 Response to "“Truth Commission” and Barbarians at the Gates"

The original foreign policy of the US was non-interventionism, diplomacy and trade with all and complete neutrality in conflicts.

The founders of the US, warned against going to war to support “freedom.” They clearly said that would lead to tyranny both in the US and the nation being “liberated.”

The Constitution is ignored; the politicians swear to defend it, but immediately trample on it after they are sworn in.

Support those of us in the US, such as Ron Paul in his quest to return the country to non-interventionism. Tell your American friends about it. Remind them of what’s been lost. Most likely, they’ve never even heard about it.

Don’t trust in Obama, he’s only changing tactics, but not policy. He’s moving from Iraq to Afghanistan, but it’s still interventionism. The world and free Americans need a change in policy. The “empire” must end for the freedom of everyone.

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