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Survey substantiates Malaysian non-chalant attitude on Dengue

Posted on: March 18, 2009

By RAVICHANDRAN D.J PAUL Bernama – Wednesday, March 18

KUALA LUMPUR, March 17 (Bernama) — While 96 percent of urban Malaysians are aware of the dangers of dengue fever, a recent study further validated their ‘tidak apa’ (non-chalant) attitude especially in preventive efforts.

A study conducted by a leading market research company, Synovate, points to the fact that this is due to the prevailing misconception and the lack of understanding on the specifics and consequences of dengue.

Jon-Paul Best, an associate director of Synovate, during a press conference on the outcome of the study conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Baharu here today concluded that a substantial number of people were not concerned as they should be on the emerging disease.

The study based on a sample of 456 people noted that up to 34 percent of the respondents indicated that there is no need for preventive measures with the excuse that there is no aedes mosquito in my house (29%), my house is always clean (11%), and there is no time for this (6%)

Jon-Paul also pointed out several fallacies on dengue ingrained in the minds of Malaysians among others they need not worry as they live in high rise buildings (5%), the aedes mosquito breeds outside home only (37%) and the mosquito bites at sunset/dusk (29%).


Dengue-Apathy 2 (last) Kuala Lumpur

Studies now point to the fact that the aedes mosquito can gain access up to the 12th floor, it can breed within and without the house and it can bite anytime of the day.

The survey also unearthed another myth harboured by Malaysians – dengue can be treated (24%) and a vaccine is available (31%) when in fact there is no cure or vaccine for dengue.

Despite the widespread media coverage on dengue outbreaks and as many 7% of the respondents claiming they know of someone infected with dengue, the majority (76%) choose to be indifferent by not taking part in any anti-dengue activity.

A summary of the study revealed that a large number Malaysians are ignorant of the specifics and the consequences of the disease and this serves as a serious impediment in embarking on preventive measures.

The study sanctioned by Sara Lee, the marketing company for the number one insecticide brand in the country, will serve as the basis for an anti dengue campaign to be undertaken by the company in April.



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