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Chicken & Duck Talk: Brand logo in “Pasar Malam” lingo

Posted on: March 22, 2009

The Ripple Effect: the heartbeat to eternity by Healing Humanity on Dec 11, 2007


A Da Vinci code breaking at Pasar Malam’s mamak stall. 

Chicken Little : Wow!!! today is Sunday. A bit of free time. What to talk about, Donald Duck ???

Donald Duck: How about doing “Da Vinci Codes” like NATO, OCBC and others. Will be interesting……exercise our chaos otak a bit.

Chicken Little: OK…since u brought this up. U start with “NATO” first.

Donald Duck: Hiya…..easy man…..”No Action Talk Only”. Now your turn to jalan….”OCBC”.

Chicken Little: Sap sap swee ( wet wet pieces )…..”Orang Cina Buatan Cina”  (OCBC). Now take this one…….”UMNOO”

Donald Duck: Wei…what’s “Sap sap swee” and  “wet wet pieces”.

Chicken Little: Sorry lah…1st one in Chinese lingo and 2nd in English translation – means EASY. Don’t blame me…….blame Kerismuddin….flip- flop language medium. Now u get “Pasar Malam” language lor !!!

Donald Duck: How about this…..”Untuk Malaiyan No Others Only”. Wei….will kena Sedition Act or not ???.  Bar ger u, give u  “MCAA” now.

Chicken Little: Wah….take revenge on me ar. Take u on, man…..”Malaisia Cannot Ask Association”. What say u , Duck. Now, u tackle this….”MICe”.

Donald Duck: This one not so scared……”Malaisia Incompetent Committee Embassy”. Over to u…Gerakan.

Chicken Little: Hi say man. Pity this one. “Got Elected Rape Another Kick And Nobody”…. now.

Donald Duck: Wei….not productive to talk negative on Sunday lah. Got any “bagus” one ar.

Anwar IbrahimChicken Little:  How about “PKR” ???. U try this lah.

Donald Duck: Hiya….simple as ABC…. “Politics Kerana Rakyat”.

They wallop Anwar cukup-cukup until “one eyed jack” and given a long vacation trip in Kamunting.  His motto now is “an eye for an eye”.  Now, he get his “Band of Brothers” to wallop the “Barbarians At The Gate”. 


bc0169c79c3f73c6How about DAP ???

Chicken Little: This one is exceptional…….”Dare Another Prosecution” or Persecution.

Their motto now is “Don’t Play Play With Me”,  Singh is King man.  Die lah….. Phua Chu Kang ( Gurmit Singh), are u backing him in S’pore or just in TV.


9cb47dcd8516f5e81Lim Kit Siang added….”Bladdy hell, where is the law in Malaisia. It’s Law of the Jungle now. Must asked Bar Council whether to throw my “LLB” degree  into “longkang” (drain) or not. Wasted my time to study law in Kamunting.  Angry lah, all the shits happening in court.”


d424d369772951e8OK….lastly ….”PAS” to u now.

Donald Duck:  “Plain And Simple” we stand.

Nik Aziz said….wei….. my friend Hadi, please remember I’m the Captain of my ship. What “unity government” u talking about???. 






The Rakyat says: We want CHANGE NOW !!! …..ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!

Matt Monro ( Born Free) by komodoman on May 11, 2008


Photo credit: Anwar by mauritian, Karpal Singh by tongkai, Lim Kit Siang by shamshahrin, Nik Aziz by shamshahrin.



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