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The Hour: Interview with Richard Dawkins – “The God Delusion” (2 parts)

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Part 1 of 2

The Hour’s George Stromboulopoulos interviews Richard Dawkins – author of  “The God Delusion”.

Youtube downloaded by 32bitwonder – May 08, 2007

Part 2 of 2

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2 Responses to "The Hour: Interview with Richard Dawkins – “The God Delusion” (2 parts)"

Was Richard Dawkins telling the truth when he said he can still change his mind if there are some evidences that appear to be orchestrated by a supernatural being? He has said his piece. It is now God’s turn to show His after the press releases of the book The God Delusion. If you can have Richard Dawkins visit my website,, and ask him to disprove my claim that the facts presented were proofs of the Creator’s existence, that will prove how strong your belief is and how true Richard Dawkins is about his claims. Are atheists hesitant to visit my site because they’re afraid to be proven wrong?

Suppose if one believes in a supernatural power called God such as the creator, & according to most relaible holy bible available so far, when did the creator make the world? When did it make the first human being Adam & Eve? So far we only confirm/know that Jesus Christ was born in 2009 & died at 33 years old. Jesus didn’t even have a most relialbe biography or did he have one actually? What’s his actual preachings? Perhaps there were a period of time that he had diesappeared for a few years in his life-journey & where did he go, India…? AS the Christmas is approaching, it is ONLY logical to know & understand more about Jesus Christ whom all mankind on earth respect him very much even most are not Christians by religion. I am one of those who has open-end mind-heart.

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