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Bank Negara International reserves at RM323.5 billion (US$ 88.3 billion)

Posted on: June 7, 2009

Bernama – Saturday, June 6

KUALA LUMPUR, June 5 (Bernama) — Bank Negara Malaysia’s international reserves rose to RM322.5 billion (US$88.3 billion) as at May 29, from RM321.466 billion (US$88 billion) as at May 15. The reserves position is sufficient to finance 8.3 months of retained imports and is 3.8 times the short-term external debt, said Bank Negara in a statement.

The gross international reserves comprised foreign currency reserves (US$82.2 billion), International Monetary Fund reserves position (US$400 million), Special Drawing Rights (US$200 million), gold (US$400 million) and other reserves (US$5.1 billion). The central bank’s assets stood at RM350.895 billion. Apart from the international reserves, other assets included Malaysian government papers (RM2.876 billion), deposits with financial institutions (RM6.702 billion), loans and advances (RM12.910 billion) and other assets (RM5.939 billion).

Its liabilities comprised paid-up capital (RM100 million), general reserves fund (RM11.977 billion), other reserves (RM27.429 billion), currency in circulation (RM48.026 billion), deposits by financial institutions (RM169.874 billion), deposits by Federal Government (RM19.39 billion), other deposits (RM1.013 billion), Bank Negara papers (RM46.153 billion), allocation of SDRs (RM759.891 billion) and other liabilities (RM26.171 billion). — BERNAMA MI SD


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