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Australia: Ajahn Brahm on Rituals – How And Why?

Posted on: October 11, 2009

Source: Ajahn Brahm – Ritual – How and Why



Blog yOur Mind says,

220px-Ajahn_Brahm_Kathina_Day1) Ajahn Brahm, a Senior Director of Buddhist Society Western Australia (Serpentine) explained the Rituals of Religion. Simple wisdom, common sense and profound experiences after being a forest monk for 16 years in North East Thailand under Ajahn Chah.

 2) His simple layman dharma talk on idol worship may make some common sense. What has been preached by some religions may contradict  the teaching of Buddhism. Whatever it is, you can weigh their differences and  formed your own opinion. It’s how you perceived or believed that whether the points discussed warrant some truth. You have your right to disagree.

3) Will a simple 5 questions help to clarify some misconceptions.

Why, How, When , Who, What – might balanced some reasonable perspective  views. Yet there are some “Gungho” preachers and laymen differed with strong unilateral objections. Some  say, “My religion is right and absolute. There is no other God but my God”. Then the next question I asked  is, “This God belong to who when all claim this “GOD” their almighty. How about “DOG?”

Debating who is right or wrong of the types of religion beliefs and rituals   in a mamak stall, an overnight trip with family and friends in a serene chalet with campfire in a forest or in a beautiful resorts may not end when the roaster  yell 3 “Good Morning” to you.

I met a French monk from France a few years ago in a friend’s house. After much discussion without him speaking much, he asked this simple question, ” What have you done and what your heart spoke to you?” 

4) The above video is about 1 hour. Explore and digest  what Ajahn Brahm elaborate on the various points on this topic as compared to other preachers of other religions. Then ask your heart and conscience. He is a qualified Theoretical Physics from Cambridge, London.


Short Biography of Ajahn Brahm:

Read here:

Buddhist Society Of Western Australia website

Read here: 


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