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Malaysia: SBS – A Santuary of Peace and Beauty In Taiping

Posted on: October 11, 2009

Source: Sasanarakkha Buddhist Santuary by ipohteh


Blog yOur Mind says,

1) Welcome to SBS

Buddhist members all over the world are welcome to visit or stay, learn meditation, enhanced your understanding in Buddha’s wisdom and philosophy.

  • Witness the forest monk tradition
  • Rest in this beautiful santuary to seek inner peace through meditation
  • Experience the calming effect of 4 nature elements – Earth, Air, Sun & Water.

2) A Unique Experience Of Forest Monk Tradition

Anyone who has interest regardless of your previous or present  religion, you are welcome to explore buddhism without obligation. 

When you wish to visit or stay at the Santuary, please contact SBS (  point 5 below ).

Note: Strictly for non-muslim only.

3) Some of the objectives why SBS was set-up are as below:

a) The Purpose :

Read here

b) Activities in SBS

i) Kathina Day and Bhikkhu Ordination Day – 18th Oct 2009

A Day Of Giving : 

  • Buddhist Dharma talk by monks in Hokkien, English and Burmese
  • Handing of gifts to residence monks (Kathina)
  • Lively songs and sketches by I-Gem 
  • Foods and drinks contributed by buddhist members all over Malaysia. Expected visitors about 1000 person.
  • Enjoy refreshing swim at SBS man-made swimming pool or casual walk to see the kutis, the various fruit trees and panaromic view of Taiping.

Details read here:

c) Weekly Meditation Night (Saturday)

Teaching and Learning of Meditation by The Abbot (Bhikkhu Aggacita) , his Assistant Bhikkhu Kumara or sometime oversea Buddhist monks. Imparting their experiences on correct way of meditation.

i) Group 1 – experienced meditators

ii) Group 2 – new meditators guided by experienced monks

iii) Group 3 – Individual solitude meditation – in the open forest or kuti 

d) IMP (Inspiration for Monkhood Programme) – 5th – 19th Dec 2009

  • Short 2 weeks ordination programme to experience life of a forest monk in SBS by Bhikkhu Aggacitta and Bhikkhu Kumara.
  • There is no committment to be a monk after the programme.
  • If you wish to venture further, consult Bhikkhu Aggacitta for advice before you make further decision.

Detail here:

e) Dharma Adult Camp (24th -27th Dec 2009 )

Detail here:

4) Eastern Horizon interview with Bhikkhu Aggacitta 

More here:

5) Location and contact of SBS.

Refer here:

For all Malaysians and oversea visitors, wish you peace and happiness always.



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