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Malaysia: Beware of Kerinchi Link On Wet Day.

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Source: By fjakone – Car Crash, Traffic Accident @Rijeka



From: shim pv

To: William George

Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 11:02 AM

Subject: Please Avoid Kerinchi Link On Wet Day!

Ensure our tyres are with good threads.

Please beware when using Kerinchi Link. This is a real accident happen to my friend.

I had an accident at Kerinchi link yesterday at 630am, I’m fine don’t worry. I just want to warn everyone to avoid this highway especially on WET DAY!

Well, I was suppose to meet up some friends for a waterfall trip. So I was coming from RTM building, going towards to Damansara. I know there is a curve so I try to press on the brake to slow down a little. But I still lost control at the dangerous curve, he road was wet and just too slippery. See below photo, when I drove on this curve, my car got skidded and my tyre hit the right divider (bang!). Then I saw this Wira which had the same accident before me, so I tried to avoid it and controlled my steering driving to the left, I kept trying to press on my car brake but my car just lost control.

My god! After that, my car tyre hit the left divider (another big “bang”!) and it just stopped and can’t move at all, engine was still working.

After I get down from my car and crossed over to the right divider, one motorcyclist skidded and fell from his motor bike.

Everyone screamed at him, asking him to get up quickly before any car come and hit him.

My heart nearly fell out! Huh…… Then another car got skidded and hit the dividers, so I know how my car got skidded and hit the divider. In total, I saw 3 cars and 2 motorbikes had the same accident with my own eyes, real scary. Before me, another 3 cars had experienced the same accident! GOSH!!! 1 Kancil lady said she only drive 60 per km!

I scream every time when I see any vehicle skidded and hit the divider, almost every car got skidded! Some so lucky because they were driving very slow or their car has good traction control feature, so just skidded without hitting the dividers, must be slower than 60 per km I guess!

GOSH! The 1st photo was taken at about 645am.

Please don’t use that highway ON WET day, 2 of my friends were driving slowly at the same curve but their car got skidded too! But thank god they didn’t hit the divider. I was on average speed as I know this dangerous curve and I use this highway quite often but never on a wet day.

Another fren told that his fren had the same experience few month ago, same curve on a wet day too!

Well, this is such a bad road condition! And I had to pay RM300 road compound! How can I complain about Kerinchi link? I will spread this via facebook too! Can I write a letter to the star?

I’m doing it for those car who drove slowly but still had the accidents! No motorcyclist was escape!! None of them! I only saw 2 motorbikes and both skidded and motorcyclists fell down in the middle of the road! How dangerous!

Dangerous curve that you can’t see what is happening in front of the road. I saw this CRV car in the workshop just now. The poor lady owner had the same accident, same spot as me, at 5am++ yesterday, now she is in the hospital and she hurt her back bone. Lets pray that he will recover very soon! I urge you guys to ban this highway, PLEASE! Kerinchi link is such a irresponsible highway management company! This must be a known issue long ago right? What are they thinking about?

Luckily I didn’t drive that fast right? I did slow down (you have to believe me) as I know where is the curve!

See my car body stil very pretty!!!! Unbelievable! The tyre arm broken!

Please urge your friend and family to avoid this highway, especially on WET DAY


1 Response to "Malaysia: Beware of Kerinchi Link On Wet Day."

It is a dangerous curve. So many accidents and still people just drive on a high speed. It is hard to believe. There should be some indication that there is a curve ahead and to keep slow. That’s one dangerous turn where more accidents are waiting to happen, if the people do not keep their vechicles slow at this place.

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