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Malaysia: Wedding Bliss Through Artistic Cupcakes

Posted on: October 18, 2009

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Blog yOur Mind says,

180px-Tim_Berners-Lee1 ) It was the genius of  Tim Berners – Lee (M.I.T) in CERN that created “www” where internet open the floodgate of informations around the world. 

A couple of months ago in US, he brought the issue of “Net Neutrality” – a Govt. and Mega Corporations subtle lobbying to stifle or control internet access. 


 Tim Berners:  Click here

2) As time goes by, various topics were incorporated into our blog. Will happy news bring  joy and happiness to our zoombie world?

Wedding Cake  Topper - Bride & Groom3) Lately, *Wedding Bliss* through creative cupcakes caught my attention.

Being a glutton on food… we inherited diabetes. These days we just reduced our greed on  delicious and tempting dishes.

If food is not the passion of people (especially Chinese), then we have disappointed God for providing his creations/manna.

wedding cupcakes - bride & groom4) “Wedding Bliss” bring out Mom & Daughter’s  creativity, warmness and happiness to couples starting their journey to be one in body and soul.

A big day on committment to each other for newly wedded couples. Followed by little baby angels into Garden of Eden.  

New innovative ideas add colours to our life. An awakening to our soul. 

I wonder did “Adam and Eve” got married and held a Garden of Eden’s wedding reception??? Ever thought of it?

Visit Mom & Daughter Cakes: Click website here

5) As years go by, we wished those on their “Wedding Bliss” will end with “Rainbow” in their sunset years.

In our previous posting, a touching email on love to old age has touched many people.

“Life Is Not About How To Survive The Storm, But How To Dance In The Rain” 

Continue: Click here 

Do we still practice what Shrek do to Fiona or food and weight have detered this romantic gestures?




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Lovely blog! Thanks for the useful information.

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