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About “Blog yOur Mind”

YouTube : Simplicity by Humanity Healing Network on Sept.8 2007


Our blog theme “All4one4All” represent a common platform for voices of our heart and the silent majorities of the world.

Where “All4one4All” theme concept crystalised from?  While watching a HK movie ” Down the Memory Lane”, the lead actor ( Tony Leung Ka Fai ) played a caring character and a problem solver in his small slum community against an injustice and unbalanced world.

30 years after, his son ( Tony Leung Chui Wai ) was very disappointed with his father for standing firm on his famous slogan “All for one and one for all” till his sunset years.

To understand why his father stand for his principle, he went back in time during the Moon Cake Festival @12.00am through a drainage hole. Sort of a “Time Tunnel”. There the story unravelled and how he came to understand his father. 

A poor but determined Li Ka Shing played a small role by another HK actor.

Our blog started on 26th June 2007 with the help of a good friend and  credits should be awarded to her for sharing. “All4one4All” blog was conceived.

In Dec 2008, we actively resumed blogging after head scatching experiences to understand the commands keys in WordPress blog.

With internet and blogging a platform for the common folks ……… free expression to the world. We hope our contributions, feelings, thoughts and awareness of what happening to our human soul, our country and our world will bring “A Better Tomorrow”.

Don’t Blog Your Mind ……………..thanks for visiting.




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When One Is True To OneOwnSelf Within, One Is Always With The Nature As Oneness Or Wholeness!

For Religions On Earth, It Is GOD The Source Of ALL! ALL In ALL, The Truth Is Simply God!

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